About us

We (David & Tamar) are two travel addicts who met on a live-aboard at the Great Barrier Reef in November 2011. David being the Dive master and Tamar the tourist. In December 2012 David moved to The Netherlands to live with Tamar in Rotterdam. Read also our love story on the next page ;-). A passion for each other and learning how other people live guides us, as we adventure all over the planet.

David, 31 years old, born in rural Australia, I grew up with one neighbour, lots of space and a fierce desire to explore from a very young age. When I was 8, we moved to Heron Island, a small island on the Great Barrier Reef for 3 years. Swimming with sharks, dolphins, mantra rays and turtle, stunning sunsets and exhilarating storms. Experiencing this at a young age was amazing and its no surprise I went on to get my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. After university, I was still restless and so worked in a ski resort in Australia (yes, a ski resort in Australia), then moved 3000kms north to become a white water rafting guide in Cairns, Australia. Having never really been overseas, I then spent a year living and hitchhiking around Europe, which opened my eyes to the world. I returned to Australia to work and also spent some time working as a scuba diving instructor, where I met Tamar.

Tamar, 33 years, born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My mum is Dutch, my dad was born in Suriname and I have one younger sister who has a beautiful baby girl of 4 years old. Because my parents divorced when I was 15 and they both have a new partner, I am blessed with a lovely extended non blood related family. After high school I didn’t manage to get accepted at the dance academy, so I then decided to follow my other passion which is fashion. For the course International Fashion Management I also studied 6 months in India (after this trip my travel addiction was born) and lived 6 months in Suriname to do my internship. After working in the fashion industry for almost a year, I decided to go back to University to study Cultural Anthropology. In 2008 I went 3 months to India again to do research for my master thesis about the affect of the code of conduct on the work conditions of labourers in the formal fashion industry. After university I found a job at the municipality of The Hague, were I worked these last 2,5 years as a policy advisor at the integration department. After I became infected with the travel virus in 2002, I used to travel all over the world on my own, until I met my partner in crime David. Apart from travelling I also love reading, boxing, yoga, scuba diving, watching movies, eat yummy food, music and of course also still dancing and fashion.

During our trip around the world we try to take a photo of the two of us (saamie: combination of selfie & samen (dutch word meaning together)) everyday. You can follow this project on instagram under the name travelini.

If you have any questions for us about countries and/or cities we visited, transportation we used or activities we have done, please write us a comment on our blog or e-mail us at klogsandkangaroos@gmail.com. We will try to answer your questions as best we can 🙂

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