Living the urban life in New York

The last destination of our world trip, New York. For Tamar, New York (NY) was a ‘must visit’ location, a place she has wanted to visit all her life. Originally, our main plan was taking a freight ship back to Rotterdam from NY, as in the past many people travelled by ship between New York […]

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Peru – A story in two parts

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say Peru? Let us guess… Macchu Picchu? But Peru is so much more than just Macch Picchu. We lazed at a surf beach in the north, investigated impressive ruins of a sacred city from a civilisation contemporary with the Incas, saw the fourth highest […]

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Stunning landscapes, delightful people and a million wild llamas. We wandered the wild and chilled in the cities. Definitely should be on your list!

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Want to know about the real Cuba? We spent one month travelling in every form of transport to find out! Viva Cuba!

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Hawaii – Outdoor fun 101

Like a lot of people, Hawaii was one of our dream destinations. Lucky for us, Hawaii was an excellent stopover on our way to Canada. The time we spend on Oahu really lived up our dream. The new (slackline) friends that we made during our stay at the island were responsible for a big part […]

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