5000km of Fun along Australia’s East Coast (Part 1)

Coastal Victoria, The states New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD). Koalas, kangaroos & emus. Camping, beaches, swimming, waterfalls. Family & friends. Christmas and Woodford Folk Festival. So much fun! Oh, and a desert island! Part 1: Driving home for Christmas: Melbourne to North Dorrigo Road trip time! We left Melbourne later then planned, but […]

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Back to nature in Tasmania

Abundant wildlife and stunning untouched wildernesses make Tasmania one of the most gorgeous places we have seen so far. Two weeks was just enough to give us a taste of this amazing Australian state, its cuisine as varied as its wildlife. Melbourne We arrived at Melbourne airport in the early hours of Friday morning, had […]

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Dancing salsa in Thailand

Think only Latinos can dance salsa? Think again! The dancing performances and general level of salsa was amazing, with people from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India and of course Thailand giving professional shows. We must say though, that the performances given by the 6 time world champions from Brazil, was spectacular, check out this link […]

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Nepal: Trekking in Paradise

Wandering through forests of giant rhododendron, the snowy peaks of the Himalayan giants dominating the skyline, these trails would be our home for 8 days on our hike to Annapurna Base Camp (A.B.C.). If you love hiking and mountains, Nepal is the place to be! Not just beautiful; safe, guesthouses and camp sites everywhere and […]

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Turkmenistan: Unraveling secrets

Ever heard of Turkmenistan? No? Essentially, it’s a bit like a Central Asian version of North Korea. But it is much richer than North Korea, due to its massive gas reserves. The capital, Ashgabat, is like something out of a dystopian future; all the buildings are the same, the police control everything and individual rights […]

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Along the Silk route in Uzbekistan

After a painless border crossing (against expectation only took 3 hours) we arrived in Uzbekistan! Over the next 2 weeks we travelled the famous cities along Silk Road. These cities were once bustling with merchants and travellers from all over the world. Nowadays you can still see beautiful old minarets, mosques, mausoleums forts and more. […]

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Camping in Kazakhstan

With five new tour members on board we left Bishkek and shuffled through the border into Kazakhstan with minimal fuss, apart from the press of poorly mannered humanity causing tempers to fray. Once through, we drove for hours with the Tian Shan Mountains on our left and the endless golden wheat fields on our right, […]

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Spectacular Kyrgyzstan

Time to go and visit the Stans: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. We took a sleeper bus from Kashgar to get over the border and into Osh (second biggest city of Kyrgyzstan, after Bishkek). The journey was pleasant, with nice scenery (lovely high mountain pass of 3508m) and good company. The only thing we didn’t […]

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