China: The land that queues forgot

It is impossible to describe a country of 1.35 billion people, 56 ethnic groups, 292 languages and landscapes varying from jungles to deserts. Entering China 3 weeks ago, we didn’t know what to expect or if we’d even like it. We don’t like it, we love it! Although we would advise people not to go […]

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Lake Baikal

The wonders of Lake Baikal Lake Baikal. A mind-bogglingly 600km long, 1.6 km deep with a water visibility of up to 40m. The name ‘Lake’ doesn’t really do it justice; a freshwater inland sea would be a more accurate description. It even has its own species of seal seadog lakedog, for Christ’s sake. With no […]

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Rotterdam to Moscow

The ‘to do list’ burned, the house locked, a nice walk to central station with our bags and in between a short stop for some last herring (haring) and flowers for the mother of Tamar. To make it easy for us and everyone else to say goodbye we organised a goodbye lunch and drinks at […]

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Let’s go!

Finally, it is the day of departure. We are feeling a big mix of emotions combined with some serious sleep deprivation. Fair to say we are both pretty hyper right now, haha. We must be the craziest people in the world to be writing this blog post on the day we leave, but you knew […]

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Time to live the dream!

Finally. In less than a month it’s going to happen, we will start our world trip that we have been saving two years for. On the 27th of June 2015 we will start living our dream. Very early on in our relationship going a world trip was a much discussed subject. So, as soon as David […]

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